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Post by DavidDD on Sat Sep 13, 2008 4:55 pm

-- Your name:

David Derrickson

- How you found out about the team

Via Gavin(ish) plus a mention from a really friendly pro (Jason?) in KL

-- Why you want to join the team

To increase my constructed knowledge base and to gain access to input from other people who are testing beyond those just in my area. It is pretty clear that as seasons come and go, it is impossible to get in a sufficient amount of playtesting with only 4-6 players getting together. (mainly finding rogue decks seems to fall under the "we don't have enough time" category) It seems that this manner of exchanging information with other people via board covers far more ground.

-- Notable Magic accomplishments

(These feel pretty minimal but):

32nd in Valencia '07 (extended)
71st in Kobe 06 (Timespiral limited)
3-3 in Kuala Lumpur. (LLM draft)
Winner of Wizards 250+ man "beta sealed deck" unsanctioned limited tourney in 1998. (ok, only going for cool points here. ) Smile
Many PTQ T8's

I think its relevant to mention here that I've never participated in a GP, also that I've only played in 17 sanctioned constructed events, 6 of them are from the last year, and prior to that, I'd not played a constructed event since 2002.

-- A link to your DCI Ratings page

-- Why you bring something extra to the team

Cause I'm hot... Um... I hate this question, it's like something from a bad interview.

-- What your biggest strength as a Magic player is,

I think my biggest strength is actually my ability to playtest for *hours*/weeks on end . I wouldn't typically list this, but recent testing with local pals has shown me that I have a much more diligent approach to playtesting than most. Oh, I'm also pretty freekin' lucky, but I realize thats not a helpful strength to list.

-- What your biggest weakness as a Magic player is.

Reading whole cards. This is mostly a problem in limited though. Playtesting makes this a non-issue.

--What the main formats that you play and focus on are.

Limited, as is evident by my rating history and number of matches. I think that as the pro tour format changes though, I will give more time to constructed given that it is one realm of magic that can be nearly perfected, as opposed to draft and sealed, where you really need a more adaptive approach to the game.

-- Anything else that you would like to add

Pick me! Pick me! Smile


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Application Empty Re: Application

Post by GavinV on Thu Sep 18, 2008 9:38 pm

After careful consideration, you have been accepted to the team. Thank you for your application and interest, and see you on the team forums.


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