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Post by JeffB on Mon Apr 26, 2010 8:26 am

Jeff Burns


I found out about this team back in the day through Gavin's sig on mtgsalvation.

I have top 8'd 1 ptq. Finishing in 4th place. I should have won that day, but made a small error with like 2 turns left in the game that cost me. That failure drives me to be better. Tons of FNM wins, but who cares about those?

Last 3 Major Events:

09-05-1901468, 22683 QT Austin 2009: 2009-05-10 36 4-4
09-05-1901420, 22606 QT Austin 2009: 2009-05-30 - 2009-05-31 58 3-3-1
09-08-1901441, 22627 QT Austin 2009: 2009-08-22 81 3-2

these last 3 results have been rather poor, but during this time I was working on not getting a divorce, and little to no playtesting. However, things are good with the wife, and playtesting has increased a considerable amount.|1&BrandRatedSeasons=55&ratingseasonid=55&Page=1&action=Search_Member

I play competitive magic because just playing and losing is not good enough. I refuse to accept losses as "okay" and "he got lucky". I have a passion for the game, an unrelenting burning desire to excel and to beat everyone I play against. I want to make the tour.

The problem I mostly have, is I have maybe 2 other players that I talked to that are competitive and have a vast knowledge for the game. In my endeavor to make the tour, I will use any resource obtainable to get me there. I also believe that great minds think alike, and with no equally knowledgeable player(s) to bounce ideas from, my brain becomes stagnant.

My hard work ethic. I am willing to put in the time with testing to reap the fruits of labor. I like to think as myself as kind of funny, so I suppose I could provide some humor from time to time as well. I like to think of some diverse strategies that could be played. For instance, the PTQ I top 8'd, I ran a blue/white faeries list w/moxes. Round 5 I played against Affinity, and turned 1 a Kataki against him, had I not been playing a white version of that list I would assure myself that to be a loss and knocked myself out of contention.

As far as my strengths go, I love to play control and mind range decks. I find myself literally thinking turns ahead of my opponent, so as to make the best play. I never just concede if I have an out. I read that in one of PC's articles and that single thing has won me many matches, I try to always have a clear head in the most dire of straights.

My weaknesses lie mostly in my sideboarding. Not saying that I do not know how to sideboard, but generally in building a sideboard. It is something in my game that I know needs improvement. My playtesting method. I currently do most of my testing in real life, and on MWS. I have an MTGO account but rarely get up there as I have little to no cards. I could fix that, as my brother has tons of cards up there.

I love Standard and Extended. I know everyone hates extended, but I love it. I would say that I have an equal love for both though, standard would be what I play the most.

I am most proficient in Standard. I play it the most, although I do have a great love for extended.

My latest major outings have not been that great, however, before I top 8'd the last 2 major events I went to I missed top 8 by 1 round, both at SCG 5k. Chris Woltereck is responsible for 1 of those. :/. I look forward to working with the team and hope you choose to make me a member.


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