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New Team Applicant - James Pirkey Empty New Team Applicant - James Pirkey

Post by _Bouncyer_ on Tue Apr 13, 2010 6:30 pm

-Your Name and age

James Pirkey

-How you found out about Team Unknown Stars
A while back i was in the forums with Mellissa Detora while we tested for PT valencia. Matt costa also encouraged me to apply when we were talking about SJ testing.

-Your Magic accomplishments

Made money at Valencia, Berlin, Charleston, won a few PTQ, Regionals, won a foil m10 set after forcing PV to wait until 3 in the morning to get back to my apartment =). Q'ed on rating a few times but never bought a ticket since i was poor. Created the teachings list of manequin which placed a few people into GP t8's. Probably a few others i forget.

-The last three major tournaments you attended and your record at each of them (Major tournaments are considered to be large events such as PTQ's, Regionals, Champs, Nationals, the Pro Tour, and other events on those levels or higher.)

PTQ for Cali IRL - Lost in Finals
PTQ for SJ IRL - 0-2 Drop
PTQ for SJ Modo - Beat Gindy in Finals.

-A link to your DCI Rating page|1&BrandRatedSeasons=&ratingseasonid=&Page=1&action=Search_Member

-Why you play competitive Magic
Between the friends i made and the places i've been i can't ever complain. But mostly nothing has challanged me the way magic consistently does.

-What your main reasons are for wanting to join the team
Two main reasons. First i need a testing group since the NE magic scene has steadily declined leaving pretty much me and Tim Landale as the only people consistently Qing. Second i hear you are good people.

-What you think you would bring to the team that makes you stand out above other applicants
Basically i've consistently qualified and done well on Tour and now that i have the actual time and money to invest fully, i can make a lasting impact. I'm pretty sick of the ringer title, i'd like to have some real accomplishments =)

-What your strengths as a Magic player are
Refining Decks for Metagames.
Sb Strategy

-What your weakness as a Magic player are
Have a hard time evaluating cards before i play them. I pretty much have to test a redic amount. Which is fine since i do.

-What the main formats that you play and focus on are
W.E the PTQ or PT or GP is.

-Which format you think you're most proficient in
T2 and Ext


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