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Going . . . in? Empty Going . . . in?

Post by Zylo on Thu May 21, 2009 11:58 am

-Andrew Proffitt: 16

-How you found out about Team Unknown Stars
I just did a forumotion search for MtG and found this.

-Your Magic accomplishments
I'm realtively new to the game and haven't done much, but I've managed to at least build my own deck.



-It strengthens the mind. I mostly play for fun, but I'd like to play in the big leagues at least once.

-What your main reasons are for wanting to join the team?
Makes me feel I'm a paert of something, but I also wanted to join because I felt this would be a good chance to fully learn.

-What you think you would bring to the team that makes you stand out above other applicants?
I dunno. Never planned on standing out. Just being there is good enough for me.

-What your strengths as a Magic player are
I can adapt to a deck quickly. My own deck is a Blue/White Artifact Creature deck (so I think) that's mostly thrown together, but I have experience with an Elf deck and a Burn deck as well.
-What your weakness as a Magic player are
My memory tends to suck and if cards are removed from the game, I may forget to put them back in my deck at the beginning of the next match.

-What the main formats that you play and focus on are
All of my experience is in Extended. I have no experience in any of the other formats.

-Which format you think you're most proficient in
Extended, considering the above statement.


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