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Team Application: Rens Feenstra Empty Team Application: Rens Feenstra

Post by Rens Feenstra on Sat Sep 06, 2008 10:09 am


-Your Name and age

Name: Rens Feenstra, 19 years old.

-How you found out about Team Unknown Stars

I got the link from Raymond Veenis, I know him from the Dutch tournament scene and we often go to PTQís abroad together.

-Your Magic accomplishments

I just Qualified for my second Pro Tour, the first being Hollywood so thatís 2 in a row. Jelger Wiegersma, Frank Karsten and other proís said I would top 8 this years nationals which unfortunately didnít happen.

-The last three major tournaments you attended and your record at each of them (Major tournaments are considered to be large events such as PTQ's, Regionals, Champs, Nationals, the Pro Tour, and other events on those levels or higher.)

Last big tournament was Nationals where I went 4-2 in limited and 1-2-2 in constructed (dropped before the last round), not the record I was hoping for. I probably chose the wrong deck (Quick and Toast) and I just didnít have enough luck to top 8 (I mulliganed 18 times, my opponents only 3 times throughout the tournament).

Before that I won a PTQ for berlin, 4-1-1 in the swiss, 3-0 in top 8 (PTQís are very small here)
A week before that I went 4-0-2 in a nationals qualifier.

-A link to your DCI Rating page

-Why you play competitive Magic

I just really like the game, I started playing magic a long time ago but I didnít know any good players so I played casual and eternal formats for a long time. 2 years ago I started playing PTQís and now I play every PTQ I can go to. Because I play competitive magic I also travel a lot on my own and it has deffinately helped me become more independent, so thatís another aspect I like about playing competitively.

-What your main reasons are for wanting to join the team

I donít have a team right now and a lot of players in my area are quitting the game so I donít have many people in my neighbourhood who want to spend time in testing for PTís, PTQís etc. Because of this I usually donít test as much as Iíd like so getting and giving opinions on decks and talking about the format would help a lot I think.

-What you think you would bring to the team that makes you stand out above other applicants

I like to think Iím a good player and I can usually make time for testing.

-What your strengths as a Magic player are

I guess Iím good at determining whatís good and whatís not. I can usually see what the good decks are and what decks I can dismiss. The same goed for limited, I usually know what cards are good and which are not.

-What your weakness as a Magic player are

I donít like ďbad cardsĒ and therefor I donít have sick innovations. Luckily there are some players in my area who love them some bad cards so sometimes I do play with unusual cards. I also lose too many games (1 is already too many) due to being lazy but I think that almost everyone makes mistakes because they are to lazy to think things through.

-What the main formats that you play and focus on are

Any PTQ format and PTís if Iím Qíd. I also draft a lot.

-Which format you think you're most proficient in

I have really good results in SSE drafting right now, I think I 3-0íd about half my drafts (I draft in Utrecht every week with players like Robert van Medevoort and Bram Snepvangers and online in the 84s) in the last month or so (I draft about 5 times a week)
Rens Feenstra
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Team Application: Rens Feenstra Empty Re: Team Application: Rens Feenstra

Post by GavinV on Tue Sep 09, 2008 8:00 pm

After careful consideration, you have been accepted to the team. Thank you for your application and interest, and see you on the team forums.


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