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Post by GavinV on Mon Aug 25, 2008 5:37 pm

Team Unknown Stars is an online team for a collectible card game named Magic: The Gathering. The team was founded in the summer of 2005 by Gavin "Lesurgo" Verhey, Nick "Cyan" Ernst and Travis "HKKID" Williams. We each knew that we were up and coming players, but none of us could ever break through the barrier of major success at large events. We created this team, put out a call on various websites, friends, and to have friends tell their friends about the team, and the team started to grow quickly. Since then, the entire team have all improved as players, and have had several fantastic finishes in a variety of event levels.

The original forums for Team Unknown Stars were located at but due to server lag problems, they were relocated. They serve purely as a source of archives for the team and as a backup forum in the case of a major problem.

For well over a year, the second generation of forums held. On Saturday, May fifth, 2007 there was a site wide server crash of Forumsvibe, the server that the second forum was hosted on. The system reverted to its most recent backup that it had done, which was almost a year prior in June 2006, making the team lose almost a years worth of data and member list changes. Forumsvibe worked hard to try and restore some data, but with more tinkering the problems only got worse and the forums started having multiple bugs. Everybody was asked to make a new forum, which is how the third generation of Team Unknown Stars forums came about. After another year, lag and bugs became highly prominent, and Forumsvibe eventually issued a warning that they would be shutting down. That is how this forum, the fourth generation of the Team Unknown Stars forums, came to be.

If you have any questions, please ask me them either in a private message or by another way of contacting me, such as AIM.


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