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Application - Michael Quinton Empty Application - Michael Quinton

Post by Vandread on Mon Mar 02, 2009 8:03 pm

Michael Quinton - 22
- How you found out about the team.
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- Why you want to join the team
I am trying to win a PTQ this year and start a serious competitive magic career. I have used the past year to get my game to a point where I feel I am competitive but need a community of like minded players which isnít available in my area of KY.

- Notable Magic accomplishments
Not a lot yet. I have beaten the #3 guy in KY on a few occasions and have jumped my rating by nearly 100 pts in the last 6 months. I have just started an article series on entitled Dedicated.

- A link to your DCI Ratings page|1&BrandRatedSeasons=&ratingseasonid=&Page=1&action=Search_Member

- Why you bring something extra to the team
I donít have any other hobbies to distract me from magic. I love building and testing decks. I donít feel like I have a style of deck that I favor so I play every archtype and have a good understanding of each. I work at a job that requires me to be creative and present solutions but then must use input from others to revise the solution, which lends to working with others towards a goal (such as a deck). I also have an insatiable drive to succeed that has always served me well in all my ventures.

- What your biggest strength as a Magic player is, and,
I am versatile. With no preference of style I have played and experienced a ton of archtypes and learned to play them efficiently. I testplay and build everyday.

- What your biggest weakness as a Magic player is.
Definitely a lack of strong players to test myself against. I have challenged myself as often as possible against the best players I can find and have grown or local player base by nearly 10 people but itís not as competitive as I would like which allows for doubt to creep in when I go to bigger events fearing that my prep work will be for naught.

- Anything else that you would like to add
Just that I would love the opportunity to prove my worth and have the chance to build on my skill set and win a PTQ or GP.


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Application - Michael Quinton Empty Re: Application - Michael Quinton

Post by GavinV on Mon Apr 27, 2009 12:57 am

After careful consideration and discussion, you have not been chosen to be added to the team at this time. Team Unknown Stars is always looking for new members, and if you are still interested you may reapply after 30 days have passed.

Thank you,

Gavin Verhey

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