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Team Application - Alan Hubbard Empty Team Application - Alan Hubbard

Post by Ahubbard on Thu Dec 18, 2008 3:24 pm

-Your Name and age

Alan Hubbard, 28

-How you found out about Team Unknown Stars

I used to be a member for a long time, but several life issues kept arising including a new job, big move to now Houston, Tx and lack of time that prevented me from being the member that I wanted to be.

-Your Magic accomplishments

GP Charlotte t8
Pro Tour Charleston
Several other Pro Tour qualifications
Top 8 65% of PTQ's
Achieved career high constructed rating of 2012
Top 4 at State Champs
Current constructed rating is 1952

-The last three major tournaments you attended and your record at each of them (Major tournaments are considered to be large events such as PTQ's, Regionals, Champs, Nationals, the Pro Tour, and other events on those levels or higher.)

I havn't played much lately but I seem to still retain most of the skill that I developed when I played very seriously. I want to become serious again and this is part of why I am applying again.

Extended PTQ Charlotte, NC 5-2-1 (lost final round to miss t8)
Extended PTQ High Point, NC 6-1-1 (9th place on tie breakers)
Block PTQ High Point, NC 5-2-1 (lost in final round to miss t8)

-A link to your DCI Rating page|1&BrandRatedSeasons=&ratingseasonid=&Page=1&action=Search_Member

-Why you play competitive Magic

To be the best. I felt that I was really close to becoming a Pro Tour regular before life slapped me in the face. My goal is to get there this year.

-What your main reasons are for wanting to join the team

I know some of the guys and I have a great respect for the team and what they represent. Skilled players, creative, and there to lift each other up and support good ideas, while not afraid to try off the wall ideas at the same time.

-What you think you would bring to the team that makes you stand out above other applicants

I bring a lot of tournament experience and can bring insight to those that are trying to break through to the next level. T8ing a GP required a lot of focus and nearly flawless play. I also branch out of the norm and try to bring creative decks to the table to test. Most of them don't work, but some of them do and have made several t8's with decks that I have created or helped create. I played a big role in helping Oyvind Anderrson with his UBW extended deck at worlds of 06. (I believe it is 06)

-What your strengths as a Magic player are

Fairly technical when it comes to game play. I'm the kind of player that uses a lot of practice to find crazy plays that others would not see that work. I love to compete and I would like to do big things and help bring Unknown Stars to the center stage.

-What your weakness as a Magic player are

I lack imagination when it comes to play, thus the need to practice a lot to find them. I wish I had both, and my imagination is decent, but I do what I need to in order to make up for what I lack.

-What the main formats that you play and focus on are

Constructed, Limited - typically I spend the majority of my time on constructed but I'm making an effort to really strengthen my limited skills by drafting a lot online.

-Which format you think you're most proficient in

Constructed. I think that it is less luck based like say if you get a bad pool of cards in sealed. I also like playing in a controlled enviornment, where you kind of know what to expect and can better prepare and perform well. I practice a lot so my preparation is usually on par with the best players at the tournament.

p.s. I'm playing in the Houston PTQ this Saturday so wish me luck!

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Team Application - Alan Hubbard Empty Re: Team Application - Alan Hubbard

Post by darkmindtone on Fri Dec 19, 2008 6:05 am

Nice to see that you're playing again. Good luck at the PTQ.

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Team Application - Alan Hubbard Empty Re: Team Application - Alan Hubbard

Post by GavinV on Sun Dec 28, 2008 4:26 am

After careful consideration, you have been accepted to the team. Thank you for your application and interest, and see you on the team forums.


Gavin Verhey

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Team Application - Alan Hubbard Empty Re: Team Application - Alan Hubbard

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