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Post by Houndofkonda on Tue Nov 25, 2008 6:49 pm

-Your Name and age
I'm Jake Miller and I'm 16
-How you found out about Team Unknown Stars
Many people on MTGS
-Your Magic accomplishments
PTQkyoto Top8, nothing much other then decent finishes. Only been playing Competitive for about a year now. I recently have started expanding my tournament scene.
-The last three major tournaments you attended and your record at each of them (Major tournaments are considered to be large events such as PTQ's, Regionals, Champs, Nationals, the Pro Tour, and other events on those levels or higher.)
GP Atlanta- I went 4-2 Drop once I got my second loss I dropped, I'm very pleased to see that the X-2 can now lock in for day2. GPT-4-1 lost in the finals PTQkyoto- 3-2 drop It was 9 rounds my pool had NO removal so I was destined to lose.. I lost round1 and then went 3-0 to lose in the 5th round.
-A link to your DCI Rating page|1&BrandRatedSeasons=&ratingseasonid=&Page=1&action=Search_Member
-Why you play competitive Magic
I love the feeling of large tournaments. I'm very competitive, but very fun to play with. As said by many of my friends I'm the most calm and polite player they have seen.
-What your main reasons are for wanting to join the team
I have recently started going to larger events and trying to bring my game up. I made the dedication to hit every PTQ possible and make it to GP Atlanta. I ended up top8ing the first PTQ of the season. My dream is to Q for the tour and play at the highest level of play possible. I am consistently improving and getting better at the game. I think Team Unknown Stars would allow me to reach out to other Great players and learn and try to grasp my dream even farther. Team Unknown stars is full of good and pro-level players that I would love to meet and learn from. I also think that I can add something to the group myself.
-What you think you would bring to the team that makes you stand out above other applicants
I am VERY dedicated to the game right now. I playtest all of the time and try to improve in all the relevant format(s) as of now Limited. I study a lot and think that my limited knowledge could help the team. I also take everything into consideration. I am pretty good at understanding constructed formats and am able to predict metagames pretty easily even know I ALWAYS make the wrong deckchoice on my own.(I think Team Unknown Stars could improve this). I can't make decks on my own I always think they look bad and when I try them they are bad. I take decks or archetypes that already exist and twist them to fit a metagame.
-What your strengths as a Magic player are
My strengths as a magic player are I'm a very calm and polite player, people say that they like to play against me around my local shop. I dedicate myself to whatever format is relevant and try my best to be successful. I am very good at keeping it cool in the middle of a hard game. I guess you could call it the Bluff. (I play Poker on Fulltilt as well).
-What your weakness as a Magic player are
I always make the wrong deckchoice on my own. It seems like every large constructed tournament I set myself on a deck and test and test it, then a couple of days before the event I end up switching because in my mind the deck I tested all of sudden tests bad. I need to learn not to do that, it would be a reason my rating is soo bad for constructed. I sucked out of states and the Boston5k 1795-1712 :-D I think the team could help me stick with a deck and provide lists for me to test and improve.
-What the main formats that you play and focus on are
I focus on what ever format the PTQ or larger event is. Right now I've been focusing on Shards Sealed and Draft. I'm going to be moving on to Extended soon and not test as much right now but try and get a grasp for the metagame and then after worlds start testing for the PTQ's. I also play Std in the FNM's at my local shops.
-Which format you think you're most proficient in
Thats a really hard question, during block season I thought I was in constructed because of my knowledge of the Block metagame. I would have to say Limited tho. It is hard for me to get better at limited other then testing with friends or going to larger events because my local shops limited players are very bad and you can't really get better at drafting there. Overall I would say Limited Sealed is the best for me. I can almost always come out with the best deck possible (obv. theres always something you can do different).

Anything Else?
Not much here is my most recent tournaments:
PTQ:5-1-1 Top8
PTQ:2-2 Lost first round hard to come out of X-1 that early.
States:1-2 Bad deck choice should of played Lark the deck we tested for weeks on end. :-(
GPT Atanta:4-1 Lost in the finals.
Gp Atlanta:4-2
PTQ:3-2 Lost in the first round, no removal in my pool at all. I've tried to rebuild it over and over again.. So bad.

There you Gavin or who ever attends this. I hope I get in, I could really use it. It would be an honor to join.

-Jake (Houndofkonda) Miller.


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Team Application-Jake Miller Empty Re: Team Application-Jake Miller

Post by GavinV on Sun Dec 28, 2008 4:27 am

After careful consideration and discussion, you have not been chosen to be added to the team at this time. Team Unknown Stars is always looking for new members, so if you are still interested, you may reapply after 30 days have passed.

Thank you,

Gavin Verhey

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