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Post by GavinV on Mon Aug 25, 2008 5:33 pm


Inside the team forums are more outlined rules, but these are the basic rules that you should know as an applicant.

-Leaking information is bad. Very bad. Information about strategies and decks is the crux of a team, and leaking it defeats the purpose of a closed environment. If you become a member of the team, you will not show or tell information inside the team forums to other people.

-By being on the team, you agree that you are able to consistently provide your thoughts and advice. You agree that you will be consistently active, barring any temporary leaves. This means browsing the forum preferably at least once every day. If you go an extended period of time without posting and you don't inform the team of this, action may be taken that could lead to removing you from the team.

-Your posts will need to have content. Spamming up the forums with useless information is frustrating to everybody else.

-I, Gavin Verhey, hold the right to remove you from the team at any time, regardless of current status in the team.

Please note that the last rule is a rare case, but in the case you to something disruptive and/or harmful to the team, it could easily come into action.


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